Kingussie Parish Church Scottish Charity No. SC021546

Kingussie Parish Church

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The arrival of St. Columba to Scottish shores in 563AD heralded the spread of Christianity through Scotland. He certainly reached Inverness in his travels as there is a documented meeting with King Bridei, King of Fortriu in 565AD. This is of particular interest to Kingussie Parish Church as the trodden path to Inverness at this time passed through this area.

A plaque on an old cemetery wall is of interest. Sadly the years of harsh weather through the passing of time, have not been kind and the inscription can no longer be clearly read. However a forward thinking  individual had noted the words for posterity before nature did its worst.

The plaque has the following inscription -

“Here is the hallowed site of the old church of Kingussie, dedicated to St Columba and  according to tradition, planted by himself”

It has also been passed down through the ages that St Columba visited the very ground where our Church stands today. A story we at Kingussie Parish Church continue to pass down to this day. 😊

Our journey must continue as we retrace our steps back towards the High Street where we stop briefly to admire the Gynack Gardens. Recently subject of a splendid makeover, it’s a suitable place for reflection beside the town’s War Memorial.

As our miles start to accumulate we will now head out towards the west coast......

.Update 2 April 21st