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Kingussie Parish Church

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Bethlehem or bust…

On a bright but chilly day the Rev Catherine Buchan takes the first steps down the ‘Mound’ on our Pilgrimage to Bethlehem.

Sitting atop the mound is our Church. The present church was opened in 1926. It replaced the original building built in 1792 which was raised to the ground in a devastating fire in 1924. Rebuilt through the generosity of the Heritors, who in Scots Law,  being privileged individuals in a Parish, had responsibilities. Written into their title deeds was the requirement for the payment of public burdens, including the maintaining of Church premises.

Their contributions were very much appreciated.

Religion has long played a part in the lives of locals and in the distant past it was not always Christianity. We know this from the circle of standing stones which once stood on the Church ground. These are now said to form part of the church’s foundations.


There is evidence too that the Wolf of Badenoch held his courts within this circle of standing stones.

Many words have been written about this individual and they are not very complimentary. A ruthless individual receiving notoriety, among other things, for his burning of Elgin Cathedral in 1390 which resulted in many artefacts being destroyed.

Now that the steps/miles/ kilometres are accumulating our journey will continue with a stroll  along Kingussie High Street.....we will see you in a bit!

.Update 1 April 16th