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. Why a Virtual Pilgrimage to Bethlehem?

The members of our fundraising team recognised throughout last year, we were going to have to come up with a plan to help repair the damage done to Church funds as a result of the pandemic.

Missing in action were our regular concerts, services, open days, and craft table sales. These are just some of the areas where prior to the lockdowns, we were able to raise funds to add to the church income enabling us to assist other charities and locals alike while keeping the Church running. Some things which weren’t missing were the regular church bills £££££! They still had to be paid and I hasten to add, were!

We know the presence of the Church in Kingussie means a great deal to many people, not only those living in the area but also to visitors to the town and indeed people throughout the world who have a connection to the Church 🌍. Those are some of the reasons as to why we would like to maintain and secure its presence in Kingussie for many more years to come.

Difficult times call for action to be taken. We have been mindful of the very trying situations people are finding themselves in. The Church is not alone in suffering a downturn in its finances, with families, businesses and charities all feeling the pinch.

With finances being tight for so many, whatever actions we are to take must not add to already difficult situations.

The solution is to attempt to involve as many people as possible, and not put undue pressure on their finances or time.

The seed of an idea grew over time. Bearing in mind, due to the nature of this beast of a virus, we could find ourselves in a restricted zone again, it had to be a plan which could continue regardless of obstacles.

Last Christmas in Kingussie Parish Church was like no other in our living memory; No choir concert 🎶

No watch night service

No carol singing 🎶🎶🎶🎶

No meeting with family and friends

No social events

Our usual celebrations were sorely missed.

From the above statements the idea of a Virtual Pilgrimage to Bethlehem was ‘born’...... and what better way to help celebrate Christmas 🎄 2021 than to arrive in Bethlehem on Christmas Eve in time to celebrate once again the birth of the baby Jesus.

Of course we have no way of knowing how quickly we will accrue the required mileage to reach our destination, however we hope before Christmas Eve which will allow an occasional detour or indeed a wrong turn or two! 🔙 🚫 (never could tell my right from my left) to ensure we arrive on time.

Throughout the journey we will visit places of historical and biblical interest noting snippets of information, photographs, maps and update everyone on our journey’s progress on this Facebook page and our web page.

Other virtual walks we know have been undertaken, we believe ours to be ‘different’!

So that’s the why of our Virtual Pilgrimage. When ready, please read next page to see ......Who can take part?