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Kingussie Parish Church

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.The Route

How was the mileage required calculated?

😂 Part scientific and part guesstimate. An app was used, to give the distance between Kingussie and Bethlehem. This did not take account of our need to wander around some historical and biblical sites. The app mileage suggested will be the one we deduct from ...... the 3,444 miles or the 5542km.

HOWEVER we will also add the actual distances covered travelling from place to place (and the possible wrong turnings too) 🤔 For no other reason than to compare! ☺️.

What route will we be taking?

With foreign travel looking to be a forlorn hope this year we will do our best to take you to places of interest, and while you cannot visit in person, hopefully you may enjoy the virtual experience.

Leaving the ancient grounds on which Kingussie Parish Church stands we will toddle along Kingussie High Street, to have a short stop at the old cemetery, where it is said St Columba stopped. This is possibly true as it was on the known route to Inverness and it is documented he met King Bridei, the King of Fortriu there in 565AD.

It will then be time to head over to Fort William where we will take the ferry ⛴ to Mull followed by a different ferry to Iona to admire the Abbey. In returning to the mainland we will visit Oban, Killin, Aberfeldy then downhill to Dunkeld Cathedral to have a peek inside to see who lies within. Thereafter St Andrews calls before heading south once more to Lindisfarne. It will be uphill and down dale as we travel southwards through England visiting various places of interest to the point of the crossing the English Channel.

We will wander through Europe towards, Italy encountering pretty hilly climbs enroute, then south through Italy.......already looking forward to seeing Rome once more. There will be another sea journey to Greece then overland towards Turkey. If time permits possibly a flying visit to Egypt (but not on a plane). We will then view some of the ancient biblical sites as we make our way to the stable in Bethlehem on Christmas Eve.

What a trip ☺️

At predetermined points throughout, the person whose mileage is received which takes us to a particular place of interest will receive a wee prize!

We will also provide a printable certificate on completion of our journey while proffering our grateful thanks for your participation in this adventure. 👏🏻